Energy Medicine for Health, Wealth and Happiness

While working as an Energy Medicine Practitioner I discovered The Body Code system in my search to serve people in a larger way. I have come to recognize this work as leading edge in the world of energy medicine. This system allows me to identify stuck emotions and other imbalances in our physical and spirit body. Removing trapped emotions and imbalances supports the body to heal itself. The Body Code is a thorough system for identifying underlying causes and contributing factors for all manner of dis-ease and conditions, physical, mental and emotional. Imbalances and stuck emotions also contribute to our financial problems, our happiness/joy state and our relationships.

I have experienced many ways people can use energy medicine exercises and techniques for self care. At this crazy time on the planet, an epidemic of mental health issues, chronic physical conditions, emotional trauma on every corner, learning disabilities, diabetes and cancer on a rampage, and the list goes on. It is important for people to understand that they have more power over their health, wellness, relationships and finances then they know. This power can be better understood by becoming acquainted with the energy body.

We have a physical body and an energy body. We typically hear a lot about the steps we can take to improve conditions within our physical body. Two big ones are exercise and nutrition. The energy body must be cared for as well. If not; the physical self will not have the support of “the rest of who we are” to obtain and maintain the health, wealth and happiness conditions we seek.

I offer single, couple and family sessions, workshops, presentations and courses that include exercises and techniques you can use for your own self care and the care of your family.

Living Your Greatest Expression!