Cranial Unwinding


Cranial Unwinding: An Amazing Modality


“The philosophy behind Cranial Unwinding is that the body has an inherent wisdom to balance and heal itself. It is our job as a therapist to follow that body’s lead as a mindful observer and facilitator. Given the opportunity the body will always choose the correct pathway to health. In Cranial Unwinding we are not here to “fix” the problem but rather to explore and facilitate the body’s own ability to heal.

Cranial Unwinding can be a highly effective therapy for a wide variety of conditions. The number of treatments that may be needed is unique to the individual.”

Paul Pock, L.M.T.

The cranial sacral system is home to the brain and spinal cord; controlling every system of the body. This modality plays a vital role in maintaining the environment in which the central nervous system functions.

My Horse Story

I live on a farm and one of my horses had what we expected as “the heaves”. I tried various products for breathing conditions in horses and never got much success. He was finding it very difficult to breath, his gut heaving and the breathing was also very loud. I had experienced Cranial Sacral/ Cranial Unwinding therapy and found it very beneficial on myself. I heard thru my massage therapist that Paul Pock( Cranial Unwinding Practitioner from Florida) was coming to Nova Scotia to teach this modality to a number of interested healers. I felt it was something I needed to do. This was before I had my business and I wasn’t sure why I was taking this but I thought if I don’t use this on people, I will try it on my horse Buddy.
After the training I came home and thru muscle testing found the positions where my hands were meant to be on a horse and started a session. The movement I was experiencing from his body was incredible, lots of shifting took place and when things became balance in all areas I stopped. Buddy put his head on my shoulder with his mouth to my ear and I could hardly hear the breathe, it was even and quiet with no struggle. His sides where not heaving. He was so grateful and so was I for this amazing transformation.

Since this first session I have been able to help a number of people and animals improve their health conditions with Cranial Unwinding. It has been a blessing to my practice.