The Body Code, The Emotion Code

The Emotion/Body Code Connection

When I was introduced to The Emotion Code, Trapped Emotions and Heartwalls, it all made sense. I was excited and knew this would be part of my work as I know it.  While working on myself I released emotions that were stuck in my energy system and soon said good bye to both anxiety and panic attacks. It was amazing they were just gone. Part of The Emotion Code certification process was working on thirty different clients, I saw pain disappear, a lightness and clarity emerge from people, both physical and emotional conditions just left the body. The Emotion Code was the emotional piece to a bigger system called The Body Code. I quickly realized with my interest in the body, energy work, the state of our health care systems and the obvious present needs of people; I would add “Certified Body Code Practitioner” to my repertoire.

The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that helps you identify and release harmful emotional energies that become trapped in your energy system from past negative events. Trapped emotions can lower immune function, prevent normal functions of organs and glands, distort body tissues and make the body more vulnerable to dis-ease. Releasing these stuck emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal, so physical (including pain) and emotional difficulties often disappear or become more manageable. Another component to the Emotion Code work includes removing Heart Walls.  When the heart feels like it is going to break from a life tragedy; trapped emotions can congregate around the heart and build a wall to protect the heart. This is great at the time but can cause communication, relationship and physical issues if it remains there.

The Body Code is a form of energy work where we identify and correct imbalances that cause all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems for people. It is a system of maps that allow the practitioner to find where these imbalances lie in the body very quickly. It goes into the six areas where all conditions start, these areas are Energies, Circuits/Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Mis-alignments and Nutrition/Lifestyle. It deals with the health of the energy body and also the physical side as well. We address these imbalances according to whatever the client’s body needs. Basically, this work is all about removing imbalance in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself.”