“Get Yourself Free” Programs & Prices

Energy Medicine For Transformational Self Care

Interactive group programs and workshops from an energy medicine perspective

This program can be presented as a series of four; 2 hour modules, two 4 hour modules or as a  8 hour workshop or can be critique to time availability, less time having less content, but still touching on a lot of good information while planting a lot of  seeds;  plus providing tips and tools to promote healthier lifestyles. Each module stands on its own ; is interactive and fun.

Module 1: Introduction to Energy Medicine; Embracing The “Everything Is Energy” Mindset

Introduction to energy medicine will give participants a basic overview of the energy systems that drive our physical bodies. We will show the rapid results that can be achieved when we care for the energy systems and the energy body that is “the rest of who we are”, the unseen factor that interfaces perfectly and runs throughout our physical form. We cover tools, tips and exercises that support a healthier, happier You.

Module 2: Muscle Testing; A Direct Link To The Subconscious Mind

Conscious verses subconscious. We will cover various ways to muscle test, how to achieve best results and the many ways to apply muscle testing for health and wellness; techniques to maintain a neutral mind, things that may interfere with muscle testing, how to phrase your questions and when not to use muscle testing.This module also covers testing others, using a surrogate and working with magnets for a quick release of emotions that imbalance the system.

Module 3: How The Words We Use; Use Us (The energetic effects we have on ourselves)

Bringing awareness to the language you are using and the impact that it may be having on your health, wealth and relationships. This module also speaks to how the misuse of words presents itself in the physical body and contributes to our our emotional and mental states.

Module 4: (The energetic effects we have on each other.)

Thought energy has no boundaries and effects not only ourselves but also the people around us. We will show how our energies can effect others, manifest in the body and contribute to dis-ease. We will cover techniques for shielding yourself from these influences. Raising your vibration so you are attracting positive situations into your life and limiting the room for negative attachments to occur.


Introduction to the Law of Attraction

The Spiritual Law of Attraction governs how we operate and maneuver thru this lifetime. How the Law of Attraction works. What we think we attract into our lives, this is about taking responsibility for our thoughts. Making the connection between your present situation being a reflection of past thoughts and patterns.This module covers tips, tools and exercises to help you recognize dominate thoughts and shift old beliefs that no longer serve you. Change your thoughts; change your life.

 No matter what your past has been you have a spotless future !

DISCOVER THE “GOLD” IN “THE GOLDEN YEARS” ( 6 month commitment)

This program is about making a commitment to be well, to be here for your children and your grandchildren. It is supporting your desire for a happy, healthy, joyful abundant life. We will work together to identify and remove all imbalances, stuck energies from this lifetime, and all things inherited from your lineage and the group mind of humanity. You will learn energy techniques that will able you to maintain your own energy systems, ways to utilize the energy around you for maximum health. This is  an opportunity to see the unseen that has been affecting your well being thru out your life and beyond. A deep cleaning for deep transformation. For more information please contact Valerie at Earthsong Wellness Services.

GET YOURSELF FREE : Palliative Care For An Optimal Future

Is the End of Life close by ? Do you wish to give one last meaningful gift to yourself and to your family? Or;  Do you wish to gift this to someone nearing their end of life journey?

When we remove inherited emotions and other inherited energies from you we also release them from your family and their family. This also releases back thru your ancestry, right back to where it started. Clearing energies of suppressed diseases from yourself and your ancestors will prevent predisposing future generations. Did you know when we die, everything does not die with us, our soul leaves the body with baggage and that baggage shows up next time around, we are born into another lifetime with all this “Stuff” from previous lifetimes.  By doing a thorough housecleaning of your physical and energy body now you also do some deep cleaning on your family lineage and future generations. For more information on this program please contact Valerie

One on One Sessions ( In person or by proxy)

60 minutes –  $85.    90 minutes – $120.

Animal Sessions( In person or by proxy)

60 minutes – $85.

Program : Discover The “Gold” In “The Golden Years”

6 Month Program – $3000.

Program: Get Yourself Free

3 month Program – $1500.



Be Kind To Yourself – Every Day Is A New Beginning!