I have benefited greatly from my sessions. I feel much lighter; less weighed down by life and all the “crap” that I have experienced. I find that I have more patience and things that would normally irritate me seem to roll off me instead. As for physical benefits, I have had reduced if not complete removal of pain in my knee and ankle allowing me to continue running which I enjoy. I have not been brought to my knees with a cold or flu this season which is unusual for me. And that’s just what she has done for me, both of my children and my pets have all benefited from sessions with Valerie as well. We will continue to see Valerie at Earthsong Wellness to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for me and my family ♡ -Sara Rant

My husband and I both have been blessed by receiving Valerie’s services and so have our dogs, rescues all three. Of course the dogs came to us with emotional baggage…they were mistreated, or abandoned/neglected. Valerie worked with them and afterwards several of the ‘not so attractive’ behaviors were gone, and remain that way. Recently Valerie worked both in person and by proxy with our miniature dachshund. She had a drop in blood platelets, down to between 2-3!!! A low normal is 200. The vet treated her with meds and Valerie worked with her with the Emotion Code. The Vet couldn’t believe how quickly Slinky responded with the meds she ordered, and asked if Valerie was treating Slinky with anything other than the energy work, because this was most unusual for her to bounce back this fast. She was anxious to know about Val’s work, knowing about and receiving Reiki from time to time herself during massage therapy, she knew about energy work and respected it’s benefits before this work with Slinky. Slinky’s platelets are back to normal and so is she. We are most grateful for the chance to receive this treatment for our pets, as well as for ourselves. Namaste’
~Laurie Dobbs White

Just a little note about how Earthsong Wellness Services has helped me in the last few days….my daughter had gotten the cold/flu a month or so ago and within a week, my husband and I had also gotten a slight cold. Everyone else was getting better, but I was left with a massive sinus infection (very common for me) and it was making me feel horrible. My head was sore to even touch and nothing was working. Upon talking with Valerie about some of what was going on, she did some energy work on my and within the hour my sinus opened up! By later in the day, supper time, I could breathe out both sides of my nose and that hadn’t happened in over a week. When I got up the next day, it was like I hadn’t even been sick! This is a service worth trying if you have any issues….you will only benefit from Valerie’s wonderful work! Thanks so much. ~ Megan Ward