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There’s nothing like feed back from sessions and testimonials to validate your work and your ability to carry out this work in a kind, compassionate and respectful manner. I have asked some of my clients to write me a testimonial sharing the results they have achieved. These testimonials are listed below. You may also find many testimonials for The Emotion Code and Body Code work on www.healerslibrary.com. You can read about the many different situations(unlimited) that this system has been successful in bringing positive results, not only for people but for animals as well.

I have had the privilege of working with Valerie and have seen long lasting results in my health and wellness. From seeing things differently, than I once did, to physical changes and betterment to my overall health. With many of the blocks created over a lifetime of hard knocks ‘gone’, I can proceed in my world with a peaceful and tranquil existence. I am eternally grateful for Valerie’s skill. ~ Laurie DW


I have benefited greatly from my sessions. I feel much lighter; less weighed down by life and all the “crap” that I have experienced. I find that I have more patience and things that would normally irritate me seem to roll off me instead. As for physical benefits, I have had reduced if not complete removal of pain in my knee and ankle allowing me to continue running which I enjoy. I have not been brought to my knees with a cold or flu this season which is unusual for me. And that’s just what she has done for me, both of my children and my pets have all benefited from sessions with Valerie as well. We will continue to see Valerie at Earthsong Wellness to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for me and my family♡ Sara


My husband and I both have been blessed by receiving Valerie’s services and so have our dogs, rescues all three. Of course the dogs came to us with emotional baggage…they were mistreated, or abandoned/neglected. Valerie worked with them and afterwards several of the ‘not so attractive’ behaviors were gone, and remain that way. Recently Valerie worked both in person and by proxy with our miniature dachshund. She had a drop in blood platelets, down to between 2-3!!! A low normal is 200. The vet treated her with meds and Valerie worked with her with the Emotion Code. The Vet couldn’t believe how quickly Slinky responded with the meds she ordered, and asked if Valerie was treating Slinky with anything other than the energy work, because this was most unusual for her to bounce back this fast. She was anxious to know about Val’s work, knowing about and receiving Reiki from time to time herself during massage therapy, she knew about energy work and respected it’s benefits before this work with Slinky. Slinky’s platelets are back to normal and so is she. We are most grateful for the chance to receive this treatment for our pets, as well as for ourselves. Namaste Laurie

We were told this last week, when we took Slinky in for a nail trim, that she was so far gone with that low platelet condition, they didn’t expect her to get better. Your work is what made the difference. {{{{{we are most grateful}}}}} ~ Donnie & Laurie


Hi Val, Thanks so much for all u have done with me on my ringing in the ears.. and the emotion code. It’s the best thing that I have done for me.. Barb N.


I started working with Valerie in January 2015. Valerie and I work together using distance healing, I am in Ontario and she is in Nova Scotia. I am very comfortable with this proxy work, its amazing I can feel the work being done, the movement within my body. I totally trust the proxy work and have seen many improvements. Trust me, it works.
Major physical complaints at the time were my legs, they were quite swollen, my ankles were swollen and stiff , a burning sensation on the bottom of my feet and tingling in the toes, razor blades in the lower legs up to my knees. At this time I feel a great improvement and would say they are 75% better than when we started, I have full range of movement in the ankles, no more burning in the bottom of my feet, no tingling in the toes, no more razor blade sensations in lower legs and the swelling is down considerably in my legs. I can see my legs, they actually have shape to them. We still have work to do to bring the swelling down permanently, but I know it is now possible.
Emotionally I was unhappy and was finding it hard to find joy. I am estranged from my daughter and think about the situation constantly, which brought much sadness and heartache. After working with the Body Code; releasing the emotional imbalances, stuck emotions and a Heart Wall and exploring different perspectives within my sessions I am more able to accept the situation with my daughter for the choices she’s is making. I am open for reconciliation when my daughter is ready for that, but I do not dwell on the present relationship. I send my daughter and the other children love daily; but focus on my own life. I am accepting the things I can not change and in turn I am not experiencing the heartache or the emotional turmoil as I once was, but living my life more fully.
I was experiencing Vertigo and had to be mindful when turning my head too fast as that would cause my head to go into a spin. I also found it difficult to turn my head and was experiencing stiffness in my neck and across my shoulders. This condition improved as we worked with it, my neck loosened up so I can now turn it with full range in both directions. My balance is restored at this time due to a technique Valerie recently discovered. We continue to work on the conditions that present themselves, releasing underlying causes and contributing factors.
I feel much stronger on the inside. I have learned a great deal about my body and the many things that can interfere with my wellness. I have also learned things to do for my own self care from an energy perspective. With Valerie’s encouragement I have taken upon myself to learn more about the Emotion Code and I am working on myself daily. Valerie removed my desire for chocolate previously, and so I recently removed my sugar craving and emotional baggage.

From my sessions with Valerie I have learned how to cope, to step back and see whats going on, then to step forward and deal with it, I would explain it as having strength in a forward direction. I am so much better then last January. I WAS UNHAPPY, now I AM AMAZING.

Sincerely Linda (2016)


“After having three sessions of energy healing with you I can attest to their effectiveness, both from a physical and mental perspective.  The sessions have left me pain free from a specific ailment as well as more mentally balanced  and with considerably less fatigue.
 I did not have any diagnosed conditions, but did suffer from low back pain and mental and physical fatigue.  The pain that I had in my lower back is gone, and has stayed gone for the past year.  I took no medications for this, so it was healed with the energy medicine.
It is interesting to note that I did not have any immediate result from each session, but 12 to 24 hours after the session I felt the effects, which then lasted days or weeks.  Multiple sessions also provided a cumulative effect on my mental stability and lessening of fatigue.
 I have also attended and benefited from self-healing classes, and while I am not great at doing them every day, I do use them occasionally when needed, and feel more confident that I have the knowledge and can use the techniques when needed.  I can safely say that I am on a journey of understanding the energy of my body and spirit and so far it has been very enlightening.  It has been quite remarkable that the results that I experienced were experienced without any invasive procedures or chemical drugs.
The only downside is that costs are not covered under either the NS Health Authority or any private insurance plan that I am aware of.
Karen D.” (2017)
I have been going to see Valerie for non invasive energy clearing sessions for almost two years. She has helped me overcome difficult situations and emotions with which I had been struggling for a number of years. Not only has she helped me clear feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, frustration, self abuse, etc., she has taught me a number of tools and techniques I can use to practice self care at home. Valerie is caring, open minded, understanding, and 100 % committed to her clients’ well being. I especially appreciate how Valerie never sees dead ends; she will look at situations from different angles until they are resolved. I sincerely believe others could benefit as much from Valerie’s healing services as I have. 
~ Delaney (2017)

My work with Valerie Hollingsworth of Earthsong Wellness began in December of 2016 and included six 90 minute sessions plus a focused relationship session. Prior to meeting Valerie I spent time exploring anti-depressants, massage therapy, group counselling workshops, psychic visits and sessions with many different psychologists and psychiatrists in an attempt to get to a place where I felt mentally, emotionally and physically comfortable with an emphasis on my emotional well-being. My positive experience with Energy Medicine began after my first session with Valerie and it continues on through each subsequent meeting.

I was not familiar with The Body Code work Valerie practices yet I entered into a relationship with her and her use of Energy Medicine with full confidence. Her approach allowed her to draw my attention to aspects of myself that I nor anyone else were able to identify through any of the conventional medical practices I sought and followed for years. Valerie helped expose the buried parts that I needed to recognize in order to heal.

Some of the self-care techniques practiced on me then taught to me by Valerie are ones I utilize on a regular, sometimes daily basis. They are simple tools that help me remain calm, focused and return me to a positive base. I am emotionally greatly improved and more at peace since I met Valerie and I will continue to visit her as need be. Her soft and gentle technique belie the significant benefits of her work on my psyche.

Energy Medicine is a path I would follow for other medical conditions as it is non-invasive which appeals to me. I recognize Energy Medicine as a healthy way of staying healthy. Integration into our current health care system would be very beneficial, particularly if it were covered by a medical plan. I believe in our world today there is great relevance to this kind of therapy.

Darlene B.    June 27, 2017


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